The Villain

Hi y'all! Wrote this piece yesterday that I wanted to share with y'all:)

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***The Villain***

He never gets a chance to tell his story.

The hardships, anger, sadness, and grief he had in his past.

We judge to quickly when we meet him.

All we know is he did something wrong.

Don't we all make mistakes?

Don't we all regret them later?

Maybe he regrets them and wishes to start over,

Yet we never give him the chance to start his story over.

So now aren't we the villain?

This piece isn't just about a character from a story, this is the "villain" in our lives. Often times when we meet someone or hear of someone from school, church, basketball, club, etc, etc, etc and they did something so bad we despise them, stay away from them, and talk about them behind their backs. You can't judge someone's character by the one wrong thing they did and if they did do something it is our job as Christians to not judge, but to love and in love lead them back on the right path. For don't we do something we regret doing later? We also have to remember to "remove to plank in our own eye before removing the dust speck from someone else's eye", Matthew 7:3-5.  I got "The Villain" inspiration from my "villain" in my novel I'm writing. In my novel I want everyone hate my villain, while the heroine loves this person and sees all the good in her, and gradually they end up loving the villain in the end. This is something I try to think about every single day. It shows such great character on you. 

Be on the look out to read more about my main characters in my new novel!

Hope y'all enjoyed! 



Hi y'all! I wrote this poem this wonderful spring afternoon. I got my inspiration by just listening. It's funny how if we just sit still and listen we hear, see, smell, and feel so many wonderful, and peaceful things. God has created just a wonderful and blissful world for us, but we take it for granted so many times.

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Sit still and listen, watch and feel

The busy world around us has time to be silent and still

The soft breeze brushes your soft glowing cheeks 

The birds sing their sweet tender songs

The creek trickles down the forest's stream

The flowers reach out their silken petals up to the warm summer sun 

See what happens when you grow silent and still?

Hope y'all enjoyed!


Have A Dream

Hi y'all! Today I was thinking about how important it is to have a dream and it's also hard to find one.  I believe that all of us should have one. God wants us to have dreams, life goals, and passions. He can work through those things for His glory. Sometimes those dreams seem small and unimportant, but He can use them for the big picture later on. I like to think of it as dominos. One small thing leads to the next, then another small thing leads onto something else, etc. etc. etc. 

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***Have A Dream***

Have A Dream.

If you don't have one search for it with all your soul.

Let it grow in you;

don't let people destroy your dream,

instead take it as a challenge to not give up 


what's life without a dream?

Hope y'all enjoyed!