Hi y'all! These are some of my writing pieces!!!:D

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is the small

flicker a flame 

that keeps our 

candles burning

within us.

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Is what we 

should fervently 

give to the vicious 

lion that attacks 

us all.

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is what makes our minds

spark with imagination, creativity,

and originality so that we might 

change the world one step at a time.

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The Moon....

It's creamy, glowing light 

shining through my open window,

brings a smile to my lips

and joy to my heart.
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Is one of the most precious things 

that God has given us. 

It cannot be bought with silver or gold,

it can only be gained with trust, honor, kindness, and love.

So we must treasure it with the out most care.

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A Basketball Game..... 

The fans are cheering,

shoes squeaking,

the basketball pounding beneath your hand.

Sweat is trickling down your back and face,

time, noise, all of your senses stop just you and the ball,




The ball flies from your hand and


The crowd roars,

your loving team mates clap you on the back,

a smile plays on your lips.

You maybe be beat, battered and bruised, but 

 it's worth it because

You love this game. 

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Is made of beauty.

It lets us escape our world and takes us to a new one.

It lets me pour all of my feelings in it;

anger, happiness, grief, hope, hate and love.

Music is made of beauty.

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 A Winter's Night
In the brisk cold winter's night I walk outside looking around in the light of the moon. I let out a puff of chilly air shivering in my winter coat. I hear the crunch of my boots walking through the snow as it gives off a shining crystal light. All seems asleep, yet there is still faint sounds of life. An owl hoots in the chilly air, a mouse scampering through the snow, a bird swooping down in a tree making it rustle with it's few dead leaves, and a deer snuffing the snow to try and find a few blades of grass. "What beauty!" I whisper looking up at the creamy light of the moon as it pools around me. I shiver with delight in this magical cold night thanking God for this wonderful beauty He has given us.

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*The Book*

You look upon your shelf.
 A book just sitting there. 
It maybe dull on the outside to some people,
but to me I see an adventure just waiting to start.
You don't just read about the characters 
you live their lives.
Those lives maybe 
full of wonder 
hard times 
exhilarating adventures 
depressing stories 
scary people   
romantic tales
and so much more.
You open the book 
and the adventure begins.

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The Ride

The warm summer wind whistling in my ears

my hair flying behind me.

Colors whizzing past me.

My heart pounding in my chest as I fly




Nothing can hold me back! 

I feel as if I could go anywhere

the possibilities seem endless.

I close my eyes and just let everything go

 just me and the bike.

Just live in the moment.

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***Have A Dream***

Have A Dream.

If you don't have one search for it with all your soul.

Let it grow in you;

don't let people destroy your dream,

instead take it as a challenge to not give up 


what's life without a dream?

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Sit still and listen, watch and feel

The busy world around us has time to be silent and still

The soft breeze brushes your soft glowing cheeks 

The birds sing their sweet tender songs

The creek trickles down the forest's stream

The flowers reach out their silken petals up to the warm summer sun 

See what happens when you grow silent and still?

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***The Villain***

He never gets a chance to tell his story.

The hardships, anger, sadness, and grief he had in his past.

We judge to quickly when we meet him.

All we know is he did something wrong.

Don't we all make mistakes?

Don't we all regret them later?

Maybe he regrets them and wishes to start over,

Yet we never give him the chance to start his story over.

So now aren't we the villain?

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***A Child***

Don't we all need a child's 






Their dreams are limitless

Their courage mighty

Their love so sweet and tender

Their faith never wavers

Their hope is never crushed.

They are not just God's sweet creation

They are God's wonderful and merciful blessing to comfort us in our challenging lives.

Thank you, oh Sovereign Lord, for giving us this wonderful gift

a child.

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***Don't Stop The Music***

Don't stop the music;

Keep on playing 

Even when it hurts.

Don't stop the music;

You've done too much to stop.

Those days and nights of constant playing kept you alive and singing.

Don't stop the music;

Life's too precious to stop........

Her icy blue eyes pierced me. Her ivory skin was almost the color of snow. Her striking red hair whipped round and round almost as if she was apart of the winter storm. "What's your name?" I tried to shout above the wind. I shivered as I watched her come closer and closer to me. All I could think about was running from her, but I just couldn't make myself move. I felt..... entranced. She stopped right next to me I could feel her icy breath touch my skin. 
"My name? 'Tis Nix. Nix Frost." 
"Nix Frost. Are you from around here? I've never seen you before."
All of a sudden the storm stopped. Her eyes seemed to grow dull almost..... sad.
"Ah good sir, most of your kind do not know me." she sighed "Most know of my brother Jack." 
"Oh.... I don't think I've heard of him either." 
She laughed a sound like little bells in a summer breeze. I smiled. 
"Now that is a shock! Everyone knows, Jack, for he the spirit of winter." 

Hope y'all enjoyed!