A Child and Don't Stop The Music

Hi y'all! I don't know about you, but sometimes I have to take a break from my novels and just completely forget it for a few days. I start stressing and worrying about what people will think and forget about why I'm actually writing. I will tell you it's the best medicine for stress relief, plus it helps you with inspiration. :)
Yesterday, I decided to do some random writing. They aren't my best, but I had fun doing them and that's what counts.
*via Pinterest*

***A Child***

Don't we all need a child's 






Their dreams are limitless

Their courage mighty

Their love so sweet and tender

Their faith never wavers

Their hope is never crushed.

They are not just God's sweet creation

They are God's wonderful and merciful blessing to comfort us in our challenging lives.

Thank you, oh Sovereign Lord, for giving us this wonderful gift

a child.

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***Don't Stop The Music***

Don't stop the music;

Keep on playing 

Even when it hurts.

Don't stop the music;

You've done to much to stop.

Those days and nights of constant playing kept you alive and singing.

Don't stop the music;

Life's to precious to stop........

Hope y'all enjoyed!