A Walk In The Park

Today, was the first day of school..... bleh. And as we all know the first day of school is the hardest. But, I am very excited about the changing of the season! Fall has to be my favorite time of year, the sweaters, boots, campfires, leaves falling, candy corn, Thanksgiving, and of course we can't forget that the basketball season is just around the corner. To celebrate the "last day of summer" my family and I went fishing in the park, refreshed ourselves with snow cones from Pelican Snowballs, and took an evening stroll through the historical district. It was so relaxing! Here are a few photos I took of our wonderful evening. ;)


1st Birthday

This past Saturday, my littlest sister, Leah, had her first birthday! It was so much fun!!! The theme of her party was hot air balloons. It kinda represents the "Leah" verse which is James 1:17. It says "For every good and perfect gift is from above." It was so much fun making all of the decorations! Sadly, her outdoor party got rained out and we had to bring all of the decoration inside. Even though we didn't get to have that outdoor party here are some pictures before it rained. ;)