The Trials Of Apollo by Rick Riordan

I HAVE JUST FINISHED THE TRIALS OF APOLLO BY RICK RIORDAN!!! *throws confetti in the air* The book was AMAZING!!! I'm not going to be posting any spoilers or reviews for it just yet. I know many people who still haven't read it yet and I don't want to be that person that posts like a million spoilers RIGHT after it's been published. However, I still wanted to post a picture of the beautiful cover.

The Hagenheim Series by Melanie Dickerson

Good afternoon! I'm so sorry for my lack of posts. Our computer charger has been acting up, so of course our computer has been dead. Thankfully I am back in the blogging business and will be posting more frequently.
This coming week I'm going to head out to the lake for a few days and a week after that I'll be at the lake with my cousins and we'll spend a week with them! I can't wait! I absolutely love the lake! I've never gone for more than a day, so this will be so much fun! Of course I have to bring a few books down while I'm gone and I think I'm going to bring the Hagenheim Series by Melanie Dickerson. The books are all loosely based off of fairy tales. Dickerson, gave them an interesting twist and make them more realistic to the medieval time period. I HIGHLY recommend this series! I have read them 3 times now and I am constantly on the edge of my seat! Click here to check out all of her books.

Here's a cute little picture I took of the series and my Cinderella Funko!

(A Sleeping Beauty retelling)

(A Beauty and the Beast retelling)

(A Snow White retelling)

(A Cinderella retelling)

(A Frog Prince retelling)

(A Rapunzel retelling)