A Winter's Night

Hi y'all! Joy from Another Enchanted Land is having a Winter Writing Contest! After much work I have finally gotten my entry in! If you would still like to enter click HERE it's still going on!

A Winter's Night
By: Hannah from A Southern Girls Life

In the brisk cold winter's night I walk outside looking around in the light of the moon. I let out a puff of chilly air shivering in my winter coat. I hear the crunch of my boots walking through the snow as it gives off a shining crystal light. All seems asleep, yet there is still faint sounds of life. An owl hoots in the chilly air, a mouse scampering through the snow, a bird swooping down in a tree making it rustle with it's few dead leaves, and a deer snuffing the snow to try and find a few blades of grass. "What beauty!" I whisper looking up at the creamy light of the moon as it pools around me. I shiver with delight in this magical cold night thanking God for this wonderful beauty He has given us.

Hope y'all enjoyed!