"My name? 'Tis Nix. Nix Frost."

Her icy blue eyes pierced me.

I wrote this 6 word story the other day and it kinda inspired me to write this little story. 

Her icy blue eyes pierced me. Her ivory skin was almost the color of snow. Her striking red hair whipped round and round almost as if she was apart of the winter storm. "What's your name?" I tried to shout above the wind. I shivered as I watched her come closer and closer to me. All I could think about was running from her, but I just couldn't make myself move. I felt..... entranced. She stopped right next to me I could feel her icy breath touch my skin. 
"My name? 'Tis Nix. Nix Frost." 
"Nix Frost. Are you from around here? I've never seen you before."
All of a sudden the storm stopped. Her eyes seemed to grow dull almost..... sad.
"Ah good sir, most of your kind do not know me." she sighed "Most know of my brother Jack." 
"Oh.... I don't think I've heard of him either." 
She laughed a sound like little bells in a summer breeze. I smiled. 
"Now that is a shock! Everyone knows, Jack, for he the spirit of winter." 

Hope y'all enjoyed! 

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Can you believe Christmas is in 4 days!? I can't! Christmas has always been my favorite time of year family, friends, the smells, but most of all our Savior came down as an infant baby to save us from all of our sin.
It can be hard to overlook this reason why we even celebrate Christmas. With all of the fun traditions we have it can be easy to overlook and I'm guilty of it, but this year I've really tried to grasp how AMAZING it is that God sent His one and only Son to die for us people who don't deserve it. Just think about it........ What an amazing thing. 
Merry Christmas dear friends and I do hope that you have a great holiday with your friends and family! <3 


You May Have Missed....

Are any of you in the Percy Jackson fandom? If so raise your hand. *franticly waves hand in the air, and squeals!* Oh how I LOVE this series! It's filled with plot twists, sarcastic characters, life threatening situations, romance and so much more! I whole heartedly suggest these books. 

For those of you who already know of all these wonderful things here are a few things you may have forgotten or overlooked in the series. 

P.S.There are MANY spoilers. 

*via Pinterest*

1: In the beginning of the series Grover is technically 28 years old making him 33 in the Blood Of Olympus. 

2: Travis and Connor Stoll aren't twins.

3: (probably the most shocking) Blackjack was originally written as a female pegasus. 

4: Blackbeard is running around in the modern day world thanks to Hermes's vitamins. 

5: Chiron wears his horse tail in curlers.

6: Nico and Bianca weren't technically claimed. 

7: Pollux is now Mr. D's only child.

8: May Castellan is still waiting for Luke to come home. :(

9: Thaila can't drive.

10: Hazel can control the mist.

11: Percy has a SPQR tattoo.

12: Annabeth lost her dagger in Tartarus.

13: The Apollo cabin likes to play basketball. 

14: Reyna and Rachel are the only characters that have middle names that are mentioned. 

15: Bob is still in Tartarus. 

16: Piper cuts her own hair.

17: Frank still has his stick of life.

18: Jason has a line in his hair where a bullet almost hit him.

19: Leo doesn't have his army jacket.

20: You didn't know you missed this much. ;) Haha!