A Writing Piece

Hi y'all! 

I arrived yesterday at the beach! Yay! Today was our first official day of vacation. Oh, how I needed it. On the way down (it was a very long trip mind you) I wrote this little piece. I hope you think it's ok. ;) 

*via Pinterest*

"My queen can I be of any serves to you in some particular way?" the knight questioned. She knew he meant "Is something wrong?". Quickly, she brushed a tear that was threatening to fall and replied briskly, "Ah, thank you for your kindness, but no, I'm completely all right. I do requested to have time alone to.... prepare." 
"As you wish my queen."
"And would you care to stop calling me by that? I have not been decreed that title.... yet" 
And out he went slamming the thick wooden door behind him. That's when she broke. "Why?" She sobbed wistfully. "This shouldn't have been I, only a child! This work is to great for me, yet this position has been thrust upon me unexpectedly. I cannot do this alone!" All she could do was weep, but then the Bible verse she had just memorized that past fortnight came to her "For the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you and expected end." She sighed "Oh thank you, sovereign Lord, for your Word that has comforted me." Getting up from her knees she brushed off her dress and called out to her knight "Escort me to the throne room. I'm ready." 

After what seemed endless jibber from the priest he finally declared "I present to you Queen Carole Amethyst Rae of the Faison island!" His shaky knotted hands placed the silver crown upon her head. "Oh dear Lord, please help me." she whispered. Shaking she stood and bowed to her subjects who were now politely clapping. Startled she thought, "They don't think of me as a fit ruler!" This notion depressed her immensely. She started trembling all over. "My dear and heavenly Father," she cried out "let me be a good ruler to these people. I know they don't think of me wise leader, but God please be with me during this new journey though not only mine, but these people. Amen!" Sobbing she fell face forward to the ground and her subjects fell along with her. 

Do you have any idea what might happen next?

Hope y'all enjoyed!