Bible Journaling

Whew! I'm finally doing it! I'm posting a Bible journaling entry on my blog! It took a lot of courage for me to do that. You see Bible journaling is such a new idea (this idea started 2 years ago) that many people don't understand or think it's wrong for me to "color in my Bible." As an artist I needed to use the creative juices God gave me to grow closer to Him. Over the years I started to realize that studying my Bible was getting harder. It wasn't as fun and I started seeing myself slowly drift away from Him. I felt that I must be a TERRIBLE Christian for not understanding why I wasn't getting this whole "quiet time with God" thing that everyone else seemed to do well with. Slowly, I started to realize that God created me to create and that's ok to do in my Bible! A friend of mine from my small group, told me about this Bible journaling community on Instagram (@illustratedfaith) that I should check out. I quickly searched the group and I was delighted to see all of these creative women and teens using their gifts that God gave them for His glory! Reading their stories gave me hope because I realized I'm not the only one out there feeling this way. Of course, instead of testing the Bible journaling waters I just jumped right in! And let me tell you, it was the greatest thing God ever put on my heart! It has strengthened my relationship with Him and I no longer feel that God is an acquaintance. He is now my best friend! I hope sharing my testimony has given you hope like reading other's has done for me! If you ever have questions about Bible journaling I would love to help you!  Now let me show you just a few of my entries I have done in my Bible. ;)

This was my FIRST Bible journaling entry! As you can see I didn't worry one bit about using colored pencils in my Bible. XD

I decided to test out water colors with this entry. Water colors are great to use in the Bible because they don't bleed through! The only down side is it does make your page a bit wrinkled.

You don't always have to have some sort of scenery with your entries. For example, I just did some little flowers on the edges and wrote the verse down.

This was the first time I used alphabet stickers in my Bible! I absolutely love them! 

I like to show this page a lot in my Bible to people who think "Oh I can't paint or draw how could I don this????" I've started to get interested in scrapbooking, so I incorporated some of that into this entry! Anyone can do this!

If you've noticed in this entry and the previous one I added an extra piece of paper. (The I quit paper). For those of you who don't know those are called tippins. A tippin allows me extra room to journal. I wrote down all of my thoughts on the passage on the back of the I Quit tippin. This just gives me a bit more privacy in my conversation with the Lord. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at just a few of my Bible journaling entries! If you would like to look at more, go the Art page in my blog. Talk to you soon!  


  1. I have been looking into this recently actually, I think it's such a cool idea! Beautiful entries! :D

    ~Lydia~ <3

  2. Awesome! These are so pretty! :)